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New Studies Reveal How Poverty Changes a Child’s Brain

Kimberly Noble, pediatrician and cognitive neuroscientist at Teachers College, Columbia University, uses MRI scans to examine brain function and development in children and has found socioeconomical differences in status prove to create differences in a child’s overall brain structure and maturation. During childhood and adolescence, cognitive development grows dramatically. Noble and her team focused on […]

Righteous Among The Nations: Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler was an ethnic German born in what is now the Czech Republic, in 1908. A businessman, he saw the opportunities in profiting from the German invasion of Poland and bought an enamelware factory in Krakow. He was a member of the Nazi party and mingled with the SS elite in the city. He […]

The Benoni

Author: Nissan Dovid Dubov Source: To what level may one personally aspire? This is not a question of towering achievements in academia, business, or profession, but rather of personal development and refinement of character. Is it imperative—or even possible—for every individual to become the proverbial Tzaddik? The Talmud states that each person is obligated […]