Dear Soldiers: Kids Writing Letters to the IDF

Every Child is an Artist. The Problem is Staying an Artist when you Grow Up. – Pablo Picasso

Baruch Hashem, Over 30 kids joined us this past Sunday at our ‘Dear Soldiers’ kids event. Armed with markers, glitter, crayons, stickers and more, children wrote letters to our Soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Parents joined in and helped their children writing what it is they felt and wanted to share with our brave young boys and girls serving and protecting our beautiful Country. It wasn’t so easy at first but once they got comfortable and their hands got some paint on them, things took a turn for a fun and memorable Sunday writing to our beloved Soldiers who are fighting for our freedom and safety right now.

Teaching our Jewish children from a young age the importance of the Torah and of Israel will be purely beneficial to them as they grow and mature. Instilling a love of Hashem and our Country within them will assist in personal growth and a strong continuation of Am Israel.

P.S. We’re still cleaning up the glitter!

Thank you, to for creating such a beautiful video of our letters!
And to Rabbi Lazer Brody for delivering our letters to soldiers on the Gaza border.

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