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Thanks for visiting the We Are One website. Hunger is not a short-term problem and neither is the solution. We are experiencing unprecedented times but the need to eat remains for each and every individual in our community. Surrounded by dedicated volunteers, philanthropic donors, and a supportive community, we remain committed to the mission: Continue the Fight Against Hunger.


Our goal is to ensure that every family is equipped with food and basic necessities to provide for their home. Our amazing volunteers assist in stocking, packing and delivering to families in South Florida while our dedicated in-house team organizes distribution days, contact with families, food drives and other community related events. We’ve always known that together is better and we sincerely thank our amazing community for your support and involvement over the years.

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Have some extra time and want to share some light? Come volunteer with us! We welcome new volunteers wanting to make a difference.

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A big Thank You goes out to our local businesses who continue to ensure the wellbeing of our community

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If you are experiencing food insecurity, please don’t hesitate to contact us. All procedures are confidential and your privacy continues to remain a priority.

We Are One is a nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.