Mini-Volunteers Learn The Importance of Giving

Hollywood FL Food BankHi Guys!

Baruch Hashem, we’ve been busy organizing bazaars, coordinating children’s field trips to our food bank and delivering packages to people.

We recently had Masoret Yehudit visit our food bank with their students. Students learned the process of packing food, they learned that we have families in the community that need our help and there was a pizza party to top it off. Overall it was a fun, successful, and educational day.

The responsibility of teaching our youth the importance of charity and volunteer work is imperative to assisting them in becoming well-adjusted and sociable adults, able to contribute to society in a productive and fruitful manner. By teaching todays children to give, we are playing a role in the future of our society.

We’d like to thank Masoret Yehudit for visiting us, and also to congratulate them on understanding the importance of the impressionable experiences they are creating for their students and our future.

Masoret Yehudit is a private Jewish school located in Hallandale Beach, FL. Check out the Masoret Yehudit website for more information on how to enroll your child or for general questions.

Check out our mini-volunteers:
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